The Staten Island Fay/Fae/Fey/whatever spelling of that word you cant think of is a very new Intentional Community. We live in a three story house located in Tompkinsville Staten Island.

Michael, Zoey, Took, and Piera of The Fay
Michael, Zoey, Took, and Piera of The Fay

There are currently 6 of us living at the Fay, we are a creative bunch that enjoys spending time together and being mutually supportive. We wish to spread community and to help the world on its way to improvement. “The Fay” is land the of the magical creatures. We wish to help the world become more like a “magical place.”

The Fay has many potential plans and goals.

Here is what we already do or are excited to do:

Start a garden in our yard, Run our own food compost system, Share resources i.e: food, shampoo, etc, Make collaborative art/music/theatre, Bring social groups together within the house and in the greater community of Staten Island and New York, Help neighbors start gardens, Neutralize soil in areas that are infected with lead, Start a worker-owned business, Host workshops on community and/or the arts, Make Youtube videos together, Have transparency groups, Work on Non-Violent Communication, Create a safe-space, Waste less, participate in activist work.


The Fay is currently looking for a new housemate! Or two (If you’re a couple or are just two awesome people looking to share a room)We actually need to fill a room by March 1st!

We’re looking for someone interested in any or all of these things: community, creativity, gardening, non-violence, resource sharing, social/environmental/political activism. Someone who is interested in helping this community truly find its vision. We are really in our early stages and we really have a lot to work with!

If this looks of interest to you please feel free to email thestatenislandfayray@gmail.com or Took at 2kedalow@gmail.com

Or if you just want to come to our events, be involved with us/like what we are doing feel free to email thestatenislandfayray@gmail.com and we’ll put you on our mailing lists for events and such. ❤


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